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If you read our testimonials, you will understand that we, proudly, transform all of our students into safe and confident drivers; as well as guiding them through all the necessary learning curves and techniques involved in passing the Driving Test.

driving_test_success We've had hundreds of very happy students and constantly strive to get better at improving their driving techniques.


Selecting a Driving School is one of the most important decision a Parent and teen have to make.

Driving is potentially risky, so it is vital to find a School that cares as much about Safety as we do. 

We are a team of enthusiastic, fully RMS accredited, professional female and male coaches. our program is designed to make our Driving lessons an easy and enjoyable experience.                                    

Learning to drive, safely and efficiently in modern traffic, involves much more than training to pass a government Road Test and get a licence.                   

We make sure that our Learners are able to make their right own decision and apply the best and safest performance at all times, before attempting the driving test.            



Parents involvement:

professional_help    If you desire, we also have lessons involving parents as part of the team, so they can get a better knowledge of their young drivers needs     when taking them for driving practice. 






new_drivers_counselling_servicesWe have an accredited counsellor on hand for learner drivers who, because of bad driving experiences or just fear of the road, do not feel comfortable behind a wheel. We can help them get back on track with a fresh mind. “Learn more”





Belgica Driving School is situated at 5 Cherana crescent, Forestville 2087 and provides its Driving School Services in the North Shore, Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

.Book Now on 0403 024 305 (for Automatic)     0415 573 444 (for Manual)        or 8901 0939 (After hours).



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Mobile Speed Camera Locations

The Location of Mobile Speed Cameras has been determined by a number of factors.

These include:

  • That the location was previously used by the NSW Police Force to conduct mobile speed camera enforcement.
  • Frequency and severity of crashes at the location.
  • The site conditions at the location are appropriate for mobile speed camera enforcement and meet both the technical requirements for mobile speed camera enforcement and the safety requirements for camera operators and members of the public.
  • Further evidence of a speeding problem using police intelligence (including events that pose a road safety concern) and/or vehicle speeds.
  • The location is difficult for the police to enforce using conventional methods.

For more information, please visit the article on the Roads and Traffic Authoritywebsite

For a complete list of possible areas of target by the Mobile Speed Camera Scheme please visit the RTA downloads section.


This is Peruz Cigercioglu. I have known Belgica for almost four years now. She helped my oldest son, my younger daughter and now this year my younger son and three other members of my family to get their license. She’s always keen to teach the right way with her own driving experience till they are ready for their driving test. She’s always on time and is an affordable price for anyone I can and always recommend her to any friend or family without any doubts.
Thank you Belgica
Peruz Cigercioglu

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Belgica Driving School
5 Cherana Crescent
Forestville NSW 2087

  • 0403 024 305 (Automatic)
  • 0415 573 444 (Manual)
  • 8901 0939 (After hours)